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We're under construction, and it may take a bit to get this site in shape. However, if you've come here to contact Jonathan David Brown for music production, or just to say "howdy," click here:



I've got a state of the art studio, complete with NUENDO computer recording and editing software. Let me help bring your CD project into the modern music world.

Now, here's a link for a great new band from Conyers, Georgia that I've had the privilege of developing for over three years. Keep track of what I’m doing through their website . . . brand new recording being completed:


And finally, here are the *landmarks only* of my career in Christian Music. In recent years, I’ve become active in the CCM industry again, and give Glory to my Heavenly Father for all that He's brought me through.

Feel free to check back from time to time for "new happenings," and new pages.

JDB's CCM Landmarks

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